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Who We Are

IRON LAW is the legal support team for law firms and companies throughout SAN DIEGO COUNTY and the TEMECULA VALLEY, providing a personalized approach with the depth and breadth of a full service paralegal staff.  We are a family owned business.

What We Do

Since 2011, IRON LAW has been offering senior paralegal services across a range of practice areas including UNLAWFUL DETAINERS, CIVIL LITIGATION, FAMILY LAW, CRIMINAL DEFENSE, and JUDGMENT RECOVERY.

How We Help You

IRON LAW can provide client management, document preparation, legal research, trial preparation, and trial support. Our staff are vital in jury trials where smooth presentation of evidence and witness examination is key to a favorable verdict.

Why Hire Us?

IRON LAW allows law firms and companies to improve productivity, maximize resources, and control expenses by providing variable cost paralegal support, eliminating the overhead of recruiting, hiring, and managing full-time legal support staff. In addition, when you engage IRON LAW, you aren’t just hiring a single paralegal, you are hiring a team of experienced professionals ready to assist with your project needs.

San Diego Bar Approved!

California attorneys may satisfy their obligations to their client (by outsourcing paralegal services) … if they have sufficient knowledge to supervise the outsourced work properly and they make sure the outsourcing does not compromise their other duties to their clients. San Diego Bar Ethics Opinion 2007-1

Attorney Cost & Fees Approved

The American Bar Association’s Model Guidelines for Utilization of Paralegal Services, Guideline 8 says: In Missouri v. Jenkins, 491 U.S. 274 (1989), the United States Supreme Court held that in setting a reasonable attorney’s fee under 28 U.S.C. § 1988, a legal fee may include a charge for paralegal services at “market rates” rather than “actual cost” to the attorney… ABA Guideline 8. See also California Cases authorizing fees. 

Many Services Available

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Story About US

A Family Owned and Operated Business was formed by Jesse and Cynthia in 2011. We began with direct to consumer services but found a niche with sole practitioners. Since then, we have forged relationships with civil litigation practitioners, family law practitioners, and criminal defense attorneys. In 2016, we have assisted in over 50 bench trials and 3 jury trials. Our online case system allows your clients to receive updates and feel like their case is important to you. Our mission is to put the personal touch into every case. 

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