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Draft Pleadings & Motions

Draft Pleadings & Motions

(For Lawyers Only)

By far, this is the most highly sought after service Iron Law provides. 

  • Typical turn around is 2 days for a Motion, Response/Opposition, and Reply

  • We will draft the Notice of Motion, Supporting Memorandum, and Supporting Declaration’s.

  • We will serve the opposing party by mail.

  • We will file the motion.


What types of Motions Does Iron Law, LLC. Draft? 

We will draft whatever motion you desire. Most frequently, we draft the following:

Civil Litigation


SLAPP (Motion to Strike)

Motion to Strike


Motion for Summary Judgment

Discovery Motions (Compel and Protection Motion)


Criminal Law

PC17(b) Motion to Reduce Felony to Misdemeanor

PC995 Motion to Dismiss

PC1538.5 Suppression Motion

Pitchess Motion (For Peace Officer Employment Records)

Evans Lineup

Writs & Appeals


Evictions/Unlawful Detainer


Motion to Serve Summons by Post and Mail

Motion to Quash Summons

Ex Parte Application to Advance Hearing

Demurrer to Complaint

Affirmative Answers to Complaint (3k Affirmative Answers)


Family Law (Request for Orders)

Request for Pendent Lite Relief

Child/Spouse Support and Modifications

Child Custody Modifications

Move Away Request

Summary Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution by Default