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Iron Law Eviction Services


Iron Law knows it isn’t easy for a Landlord to go through the eviction process.

That is why we provide Iron Law Eviction Services  and advice when it comes to dealing with the California Eviction Services process.

It is often the last resort to evict a tenant because of how time consuming and stressful the process can be.

Iron Law Eviction Services Staff know it is important that you feel confident with the company that is providing the eviction services in California.

This is why Iron Law provides Eviction Services and keep you informed throughout the process.

Iron Law Eviction Services is a trusted company that will take care of the entire Eviction Services.

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Eviction Packages:

Phase 1 Voluntary Vacate $800.00

Phase 2 Uncontested Eviction $1,100.00

Phase 3 Contested Eviction $1,350.00