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IronLawAdminJune 23, 2017

We Have Subdivided The Eviction Service Into Three Divisions

Best Eviction Process: Intake to Recovery

The first division is the CUSTOMER RELATIONS which initially process the Unlawful Detainer. At this point, we need the notice, proof of service, rental agreement, credit application, cosigner agreement and rent increases notices (if there have been any served). We will also need to know how to contact you after business hours , i.e. cell phone /fax number/ home number. When you fax over a new case/notice, we will immediately fax you back a confirmation of receipt. We will create an online client portal where you can submit questions, review progress, and download documents.

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The second division is the actual EVICTION SERVICE DIVISION which follows through with the entire eviction through Sheriff’s lockout whether we proceed through default or trial. We attempt to not only call with trials and/or lockouts but we will also fax so that you may have the info in writing. In any Eviction Service, we expect a change to happen every five days during the eviction process.
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The third division is our COLLECTIONS / SMALL CLAIMS DEPARTMENT which will do everything they can in order to collect money owed to you. This includes past due rent, property damage, and attorney fees. We only charge a collection fee once we’ve successfully collected money for you, and will obtain a judgment on your behalf free of charge once your tenant has been evicted. You do not pay us, we work entirely on commission.

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