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How To Locate New Address

The Postal Service does not have a database with the current address of all of its customers. It doesn’t need that information since it delivers to addresses, rather than to individuals. However, if a customer moves and files a change of address order, that information is kept at the post office serving the last known address. The disclosure of customer name and address information is contained at  section 265.6(d) of our regulations (39 CFR 265), which can be accessed from the FOIA home page. Change of address information about individuals or families is available only to government agency requesters, to persons needing the information to serve legal process who meet certain requirements, or pursuant to a court order.

The Postal Service suggests the following format to be used in conjunction with regulations at 39 CFR 265.6(d)(4)(ii) by persons empowered by law to serve legal process when requesting change of address or boxholder information.
The request should be forwarded to the Postmaster of the last known address.