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Paralegal Services

Are You A Lawyer Needing A Paralegal?


Virtual Paralegals are contract, independent or freelance paralegals that are hired by lawyers, law firms or in-house legal departments to provide paralegal support services on an as needed basis with such services being supplied through the use of technology such as the Internet, e-mail, fax and remote access systems.


Employee Liability

Health Care Coverage

Tax and Insurance Liability

Workers Compensation

Reduce Overhead:

Cost for Office

Office Supply

Payroll Taxes


Broader Range of Paralegal Support

Reduced Turnaround Time


One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing legal functions is cost savings. Organizations can reduce their cost structures through labor arbitrage – the wage differential between in-house legal personnel and outside vendors – to reap tremendous cost benefits. For example, an in-house paralegal might cost the firm $150 an hour while a vendor paralegal might cost $75/hour.