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Phase 1 Basic Eviction Service

Basic Eviction Service

Pay or Quit Notice & Tenant Vacates
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Basic Eviction Service

Time: 4 to 7 Days

Cost: $350.00 to $850.00

Basic Eviction Service. Our Eviction Team Will Draft And Serve A Notice To Pay Or Quit. If They Don’t Pay,

We Will File And Serve An Eviction.

Smart Tenants know, if they vacate the premises and turn over the keys to the landlord, they will not have an Eviction Judgment against them.

We will file a dismissal and you will have the property restored to you!

What happens in a Phase 1 – Basic Eviction?

  1. Iron Law Eviction Paralegals will draft the Three Day Notice to Pay or Quit. 

  2. Our Eviction Process Servers will serve the Three Day Notice to Pay or Quit in a manner required by law.

  3. A Proof of Service will be prepared and provided to you.

  4. If the Tenant fails to Pay or Quit, we will Draft an Eviction Law Suit.

  5. We will file the Eviction Law Suit with the Court. (Court Fee’s Not Included.)

  6. Our Eviction Process Server will begin attempts to serve the Eviction Law Suit.

  7. If the Renter moves out, we will file a Dismissal

What If The Renter Does Not Leave?

Depending on how and if the Renter responds, you the case may move forward to an Phase 2 Intermediate or a Phase 3 Advance Eviction. To Learn More, Click Either Link Below.