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Phase 2 Uncontested Eviction

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If the tenant fails to respond after the 10-15 day period from the Unlawful Detainer filing date with the court, then the case becomes an uncontested eviction.

There is no need for a trial date to be set, shortening the eviction process in most cases.

The costs associated with an uncontested eviction are usually lower, but other circumstances can appear in both, contested and uncontested evictions.

Phase 2 – Default Eviction

Prepare 3 Day Eviction Notice

Serve 3 Day Eviction Notice

Prepare Unlawful Detainer (Eviction)

Prepare Prejudgment Claim

Process Server

Prepare and Serve Entry of Default

Prepare Default Judgment (Eviction)

Prepare Writ

Prepare and drop lock-out packet

TOTAL: $1,150

(If you paid for a phase 1, the cost is only $350.00)

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