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Phase 3 Contested Eviction

Advanced Eviction Service

Trial & Judgment Services
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Trial Eviction Service

Time: 30 to 90 Days

Cost: $350.00 to $1,350.00

An Advanced Eviction Service occurs when the Renter Files an Answer with the Court. The Law requires the trial to be set within 20 days. However, some court will not allow a plaintiff to set a trial if unknown occupants are not in default – or if some of the Renters have not filed an Answer or have not had default’s entered against them.

In this Phase, our team will prepare your case for trial. This may include the following:

  1. Prepare and Serve Entry of Default (Unknowns)

  2. Prepare Request for Trial

  3. Draft Written Discovery (Form Interrogatories)

  4. Respond to Written Discovery (Form Interrogatories)

  5. Serve Request to Set Trial

  6. Prepare Settlement Agreement or Stipulation

 If the case goes to trial or if they fail to comply with a Settlement Agreement, then a Phase 2 Intermediate Eviction can be used to obtain an order to remove the renter. Learn More: 

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