Refund Policy

Refund Policy


You agree that all fees have been earned for services which you retained IRON LAW for at the time of payment, regardless of the outcome of the case. There are NO REFUNDS.


  1. You may cancel this contract for any reason within 24 hours after we both have signed it. If you cancel the contract, I must immediately refund any fees which you have paid me. The only fees that I may keep are fees for services which I have actually, necessarily and reasonably performed on your behalf during the 24-hour period. I cannot keep any fees for services performed during the 24-hour period unless you knew that I would perform those services and you agreed in this contract that staff would perform them.
  2. To cancel this contract, send IRON LAW a written notice stating that you are canceling the contract. Mail the notice by first-class mail with the correct postage, and send it to IRON LAW, 663 South Rancho Santa Fe Road, Suite 345, San Marcos California, 92708 or You may use the form at the end of this page to submit your cancellation.  Cancellation takes effect on the date of the postmark on the notice. You can also cancel this contract by delivering a written notice of cancellation to my address within the 24-hour period. You are advised, the costs incurred within the 24 hour period include Contract Generation (1 hour), Document Review (1 hour), and client interview through you (1 hour). These costs will be deducted from the balance paid, and the remaining funds will be refunded, or if there is an overage, an invoice will be due and payable within 15 days. You agree to pay the invoice within 15 days.

You may also cancel services at any time if: 

  1. Fail to give you a copy of this contract before providing any services to you; or
  2. Fail to specify in the contract the services which I will perform and the costs of those services, or
  3. Fail to give you a copy of the contract in English and in any other language that you understand and that was principally used in any oral sales presentation or negotiation leading to execution of the contract. If you cancel this contract for any of these reasons, I must immediately refund in full any fees which you have paid IRON LAW.


  1. In the event of suit for damages arising from this contract or to enforce any of its provisions, the Court may award the prevailing party his or her reasonable attorney’s fees and costs.
  2. A pre-judgment interest in the amount of 10% annum, will be assessed on the entire balance due prior to judgment for missed payments.
  3. Jurisdiction and venue for litigation shall be Delaware, unless IRON LAW expressly waives jurisdiction and venue, unless waived by IRON LAW.



You agree that You will not filed a charge-back claim with my credit card provider. A charge back claim is a claim that no services were rendered. You understand and agree that upon signing this contract, all services have been earned and are not refundable. In the event that You file a charge back, you expressly, by signing below, allow IRON LAW to process your credit card for all costs incurred as a result of the charge back claim in addition to the costs associated with the performance of this contract, not to exceed 110% of the payment subject to the chargeback.


IRON LAW shall indemnify The Client against all liability, loss or damages, including consequential and incidental damages, and against all claims or actions based on or arising out of damage or injury (including death) caused by or sustained in connection with the performance by IRON LAW of the Service, or based on any violation of any statute, ordinance, regulation or contract, and the defense of any such claims or actions including attorneys fees.

IRON LAW shall also indemnify The Client against all liability and loss in connection with, and shall assume full responsibility for, payment of all federal, state and local taxes or contributions imposed or required under unemployment insurance, social security and income tax laws, with respect to IRON LAW performance of this Agreement.


If Iron Law has expended or has been expected to expend any funds from Trust, before you cancel services, you understand and agree that the the unused funds will be held for 30 days following the last disbursement of funds from the trust account.